Good Works: created on purpose for a purpose.
Good Garments: Radical designs with quality creation. 
Our story: The clothing we wanted to wear didn’t exist, we wanted to stay current with culture and still reflect our lifestyle of faith with no compromise. So we decided to create a brand in 2011 called “CREATED”. It all started with the Faith-Walk Tee our first design and release. The Faith Walk Tee “For we walk by faith and not by sight” represented a common connection with every believer on this journey of life; where our faith becomes the defining factor of who we are, whose we are, and what we will encounter.
CREATED is a lifestyle brand that represents an unshakeable faith, a commit to God and community. We seek to influence culture and create the world we desire to see, by living the CREATED lifestyle, supporting and promoting Creatives who bring uplift through music, art and design. CREATED is the canvas for Kingdom Culture in a postmodern world. Our mission is simply to share with the world that you and I were CREATED.